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Earn more with ease through embodied leadership and emotional mastery.

Full client access with UNLIMITED support for 3 month time periods so that every day you show up *fully* in your power - no matter the fears, setbacks, and emotional triggers trying to stop you.

We’ve created the most safe, supportive space for you to be seen at the SOUL level, so that as a conscious leader, you can finally create lasting, sustainable change for yourself and the people you are meant to lead.

This is achieved through a mixture of modalities that creates an EVERYDAY empowered environment for you to succeed.

12 months of unlimited SOULsupport calls

Private Voxer container to activate you on a daily basis

Multi-modality environment (business strategy, breathwork, mindshift sessions) for embodied leadership

In-house marketing team (weekly features in email, app, and IG)

Team of specialists in all areas of business growth

Proprietary IP materials (digital app + beautiful printed binder)

90-day support plans for speaking on stage, writing a book, and more

CEO SOUL Certification (after full twelve months)

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